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Performing artist,  producer, audio engineer, and Italian heritage preserver, Frankie has been performing and entertaining audiences for nearly 20 years. The multi-lingual, multi-instrumentalist and light-hearted soul singer has touched the hearts of many who have had the pleasure of watching him display an incredible passion for music. Whether he is singing in English, Italian or Spanish, playing the piano, guitar or ukelele, the young tenor delivers true performances at every event.


Born in Toronto, Canada as a half second-generation Italian, Frankie continues to preserve the heritage and culture of all things Italian, especially music. Frankie was brought up in a musical home and family. Listening to Chin Radio blasting through the speakers on Saturday mornings and watching two of his uncle's bands play was the first step to loving music. He started to DJ - working at school dances, fundraisers and other community events as well as private events such as weddings, anniversaries, baptisms, communions, and confirmations.  Frankie obtained a post secondary education studying Audio Engineering from the popular Trebas Institute in Toronto.  While studying he started by volunteering at many different revered studios including Grammy and Juno award winning studios "Iguana Studios " and “The Big Room”, Frankie learned and developed his skills as an engineer, producer and musician. Also a songwriter Frankie has written many songs and has performed on City Tv’s Breakfast Telelvision and Telelatino. 


Frankie remains a part of the Toronto music community who routinely collaborates with some of Canada's best musicians, producers and talent. He also continues to promote the Italian heritage through music, food, culture and language . 

'The best part about art is that anyone can make and enjoy it - and nobody can tell you that it's wrong' - Frankie Cimino 

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